What is Nappa Leather?

What is Nappa Leather?

For nappa leather, Kani Leather indicate any kind of cow or sheep leather, which is distinguished by a silky hand, an especially soft temperature and a low thickness.

The finish that defines this kind of leather is typically non-covering (pure aniline or semi-aniline), meaning that both are high quality leathers in most situations because the finish does not "hide" any flaw in the skin.

Is Nappa leather genuine leather?

Yes, nappa leather is genuine leather. Initially this term was constrained to a extraordinary preparing of lambskins utilized for gloves and tanned with items that made them exceptionally delicate and with a plush hand. The term nappa is presently utilized for all species of leather with exceptionally delicate tanning and fine and medium-fine thicknesses.

Hence, there are:

Nappa leather of different types of sheep commonly used for clothes.

Nappa leather cross sheep and goats used for leather products, bags and shoes.

Calfskin for high-quality leather products and boots.

Bovine nappa leathers but of adult and very large species primarily used for chairs and mainly for sofas, sofas and vehicle upholstery. Wide nappa cowhides are often cut in half for shoes or, if of better quality, for fine bags.

Is Nappa leather better quality?

The nappa leathers are basically very gentle and with very subtle completes that reveal the full grain of the leather, these finishes are focused on aniline without the need for pigments. By now, however, most soft nappa leathers are highly pigmented and sometimes part of the flower is more or less sanded before finishing. This kind of cheaper nappa is used a lot, particularly for furniture and car upholstery. The standard of nappa leather is however not exactly describable, but varies according to the varying demands of the market and the final costs. Obviously, a leather for sofas that is highly pigmented and protected for everyday use will be eye-friendly and much more acceptable than a much more fragile full grain aniline leather.

What's the difference amongst Leather and Nappa leather?

There is no distinction from the point of view of the raw material, because with a few exceptions the hides used are the same. The entire method of planning, tanning and fattening is evolving. Without going through technical specifics, it can be assumed that nappa leathers are both smoother and thicker than other types of finished leathers.

Is Nappa Leather expensive?

There are some nappa leathers at all prices, from very cheap but good to touch and sight, to full grain leathers at prices that are never extreme.

What is Nappa Leather?
What is Nappa Leather?
What is Nappa Leather?
What is Nappa Leather?