What is Upholstery Leather?

What is leather for upholstery?

Upholstery leather is a macro form of leather appropriate for covering car interiors and different styles of furniture (nautical, aircraft, sofas, chairs, beds, walls, etc.); these hides are typically wide in size and may have unique physical characteristics such as higher wear, water and light resistance.

Depending at the supposed use, the following styles of upholstery leather-based hides may be identified:

Classic interior leather-based: sofas, chairs, furniture;

Automotive leather-based hides supposed for masking the interiors of cars;

Nautical leather-based supposed for masking the interiors of boats;

Specific upholstery leather for aircraft and hotels (generally fireproof).

For those who decide to purchase something exquisite, natural and long-lasting, particularly if maintained with careful care, genuine leather as a material for furnishing or upholstery is a "must have."

Advantages of leather as an upholstery and furnishing content

Upholstery leather can be used in many types, colours, finishes and tanning combinations and has the following benefits relative to other materials (such as imitation leather, Alcantara or synthetic fabrics):

Luxurious appearance and natural, real animal skin appearance higher to the attention associate degreed to the touch than different materials;

Durability, real leather is incredibly proof against wear and over time;

The typical smell; Breathability and comfort, real leather has specially the advantage of being very breathable and comfy once we sit on it;

Eco-sustainability, leather is an eco-sustainable and recovery material that ennobles the sacrifice of the animal (we need to recollect that animals aren't bred for his or her skin except for their meat, therefore leather is 1st of all a bi-material that may somewhat be wasted).

Forms of leather upholstery: How to choose?

One of the first considerations we weigh when faced with trying to pick the leather to purchase is undoubtedly the price: there are various types of leather, finishing, dyeing and tanning methods from which more or less costly skins are extracted depending on the characteristics they have.

The crucial point that needs to be considered leads us, from the most economical to the most expensive, to recognize three main styles of upholstery leather:

Split leather: the resulting lower portion is referred to as split as the skin is separated into two layers. The leather is dyed and finally corrected by grinding through the finishing process and then pigmented or left in its suede state. It is the least costly type of skin and, when heavily finished, it is often difficult to distinguish compared to top grain leather.

Corrected-grain leather: It is a kind of top-grain leather that is finished with pigments and/or superficial prints to cover defects and give a uniform appearance. It is a skin form that is moderately pricey, very common and particularly resistant.

Full-grain leather: it is the most precious and costly type of leather, and also the most elegant, since, with the pores in fact, the top layer of the skin (grain) is preserved in its most natural condition.

Leather finishing forms for upholstery:

Upholstery leather hides can be finished using the various key methods mentioned below:

Leather with aniline: these are dyed hides with eco - friendly dyes and do not have a protective finish. This skin has a lot of porous structure, so it contains beneficial natural oils. The aniline dyes are transparent, so this type is used as facts on the surface with high-quality genuine leather with organic marks.

Semi-Aniline leather: these hides are identical to the first, but they often have a light coating of pigment that is distributed even to the surface color and uniform. With a protective layer, the skin is sprayed, retaining its natural aspect.

Pigmented leather: it is a kind of leather that is sprayed through with a dye of suspended pigments in order to preserve and cover the surface, providing greater resistance and producing a rich and uniform colour. You should add this kind of finish to both the broken skins and the top grain hides. This type of leather is smooth but very durable at the same time, even though both furniture coverings and car interiors are the most commonly used.

Pull-up leather: it is a type of semi-aniline leather with the inclusion of a wax when the dye spreads are pulled so that a two-tone vintage effect is produced. As the wax that is used as a protective layer is readily modified during daily use, this type of skin appears aged and these markings are then reabsorbed over years by themselves. This kind of care is given on full grain leather of the highest quality where is used in antiques or fine furniture.

Polished or hand-buffered leather: a kind of semi-aniline leather with an aged effect transferred by hand to the full grain leather by adding layers of aniline dye. It is a process carried out by skilled craftsmen who add different layers of paint to achieve the result, and natural indications can be present in the leather. A waterproof finish is used at the end and a sealant is added. For antiques and high-end furnishings, this sort of finish is used a lot.

Nubuck Leather: by sanding the full grain leather, this sort of leather is generated to produce a soft and velvety look comparable to the suede affect, but more luxurious and elegant. To stop simple stains from oils, a waterproof coating is added to Nubuck leather for furniture. However, aniline, semi-aniline or pigmented leather are more fragile than this kind of flesh.

Printed Leather: printing is a step in the finishing process for leather. To produce cracks or complex shapes on the paper, the leather is stamped under pressure; reptile prints are iconic forms.

Leather for chairs, furniture and couches

Pigmented Leather is among the most commonly used forms of leather for furniture and sofa upholstery, since this type of leather is smooth, versatile but very high resistance to scratching and stains at the same time. Herefore, this allows the pigment to last over time, precisely because a waterproof layer is added.

Leather for interior space of automobiles

Also for automotive applications, owing to its strength and comfort qualities, the most used leather is Pigmented Leather. In comparison, the quality of pigmented leather is not too high and allows a reasonable balance between luxury and cost to be sold.

Where can I buy leather for upholstery and furniture?

You may buy the leather for furniture and upholstery that better match your needs, directly online, with a few clicks, on our https://www.kanileather.com/ website, in the dedicated page where you can find the best Turkish leather for furniture and upholstery; wide ranging hides, built to cover seats, tables, puffs, sofas, armchairs, furniture, car interiors, etc., ready for immediate distribution and accessible for immediate delivery.

What is Upholstery Leather?
What is Upholstery Leather?
What is Upholstery Leather?
What is Upholstery Leather?